L&B’s food packaging is classified as green waste and is compostable together with other food waste. In a composting environment, it will break down (biodegrade) into its natural components of water, CO2 and plant matter.


The ability to break up into smaller pieces. Degradable packaging products will not break down into their natural organic components, just smaller pieces of the original product.



The prefix “bio” refers to the way in which a product will degrade, in this case, via a biological process, bacteria, fungi etc. The product will biodegrade into carbon dioxide, water and biomass from the action of naturally occurring microorganisms. Green waste is biodegradable.


A product biodegrades within a time frame of 4 to 6 months. Green waste is compostable.


1. Add L&B Go Green Food Packaging to the compost heap. Shredding and soaking it will speed up the time it takes to decompose.

2. Add raw food waste and green waste. Layer the compost material in equal layers of wet and dry material.

3. Add the final dry material layer, for example, a top layer of straw. Under this layer, the compost heap will heat up naturally while microorganisms break down organic matter.

4. After a few months, lift the top layer to find beautiful healthy compost for your garden.