Wood Fiber


We source products made out of wood fibre from trees grown and harvested in a sustainable way that protects wildlife and the environment.

The L&B product range includes wood cellophane, recycled paper, and greaseproof paper all made from wood fibre.


Our clear cellophane bags are made from FSC certified sustainable regenerated wood, cotton or hemp cellulose. They can be heat sealed and have a high barrier to air, grease and bacteria making it ideal for food packaging.

Recycled Paper

Our recycled paper products are a mix of first generation factory waste paper (99.95%) and FDA approved alkaline paper sizing agent (0.05%). No fresh trees were used to make our brown paper bags, pizza boxes or cup carriers!

Greaseproof paper

Our greaseproof paper is made from wood sourced certified sustainable forests and is certified by ISEGA, FDA and GOSPA. The greaseproof properties are obtained during the pulping process and so no chemical treatment or coatings are used.

Why are sustainable wood pulp products a great choice?

  • Sustainable tree harvesting is important for maintaining healthy balanced ecosystems and providing homes for wildlife.
  • They are home compostable and will biodegrade if exposed to bacteria, moisture and heat.
  • The paper products (greaseproof and recycled paper) are all recyclable as long as they have not absorbed grease from food products.