6mm Unwrapped Paper Straws – 1 000/25 Units

6mm Unwrapped Paper Straws – 1 000/25 Units

Plain 6mm Unwrapped Straws made from FSC certified paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. Unlike plastic straws, they are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. They are 19.7cm long

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• They are sturdy and hold shape in liquid for at least an hour
• No unnecessary printing or wrapping
• They are made from sustainable raw materials only
• Because single use items should not last forever.
• Make a statement about how you want the world to be.
• Your customers will be impressed by your efforts to address a very important pollution issue in your business.

These straws are healthy for you and the planet – they’re non-toxic and non-harmful and a cool, functional way to serve any drink – be it juice, smoothies or cocktails.

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